Southside Mohammed is a spearhead rapper and performer in the Innanetwav stable and a force to be reckoned with. Much to the premise of the come up culture, he is also an artist bubbling under in these hip-hop streets. Southside is currently working on his debut EP titled “Birds Fly South” with the lead  single, Out & In, featuring CoCo! (Nicole Nyaba) who graced the anthem with a scorching verse and produced by 808x.  Indicating that the Innanetwav artist is indeed making a shift in the generation with his melodic and vibrant sound.

He is also known by many as 'Sensei Southside or TrapBaby'- a title that is largely used when labeling the duo consisting of himself and CoCo! 

Recently, he appeared and performed in the 2019 HipHopAwards BET Cypher, a recognition that affirms his position as a prominent artist on the verge to stardom.